Creating a sustainable transport system is our passion

Sustainable mobility can be very abstract, broad, and challenging. As a result, many policy makers have no idea where to start and wonder whether their sustainable mobility projects will pay off. For us, it is a very interesting challenge, and we always believe that sustainability is profitable. We would like to share this positive energy with you, our valuable clients. We can translate your sustainable mobility vision into concrete policy actions. We’ll make it easier for you!

Fadiah Achmadi

project manager

Fadiah is the Founder of Fimotions. She is an enthusiastic consultant with a background in urban transport planning and a deep passion for sustainable mobility. Fadiah lives in an urban area, and does not just dispense advise, for she also travels by sustainable means. In her 15 years of working experience, she has assisted several institutions in developed and developing countries, ranging from multilateral development banks, United Nations agencies, European Commission, and private institutions. With her expertise, she wants to help policy-makers to develop a sustainable mobility system for their cities and regions.

Dr. Douglas Rasbash

Transport Policy Adviser

Douglas is a transport planner and policy adviser who has worked in over 50 countries during his nearly 40 years of working experience. He is specialised in institution-building and railroad and intermodal transport. He has worked on regional transport issues since 1983. He has provided trainings in project cycle management, managed and directed CEEC multi-country projects and chaired 10 international seminars in the CEEC region. He has also worked with Ministry-level clients, prepared feasibility studies and cost-benefit analyses for EU projects. Douglas has a good delivery record and is based in Botswana, where he can efficiently lead our African projects. He is also an advisor to the Botswana Climate Change Network.

Joël van der Beek

Transport Economist

Joël is the founder of EconoVision and an associate at Fimotions. He has more than 20 years of experience in transport economics with main expertise in railway and water transport. He has conducted various researches that apply cost-benefit analyses, transport strategies, (ex-ante) evaluations, monitoring, feasibility studies for infrastructure in developing countries and emerging economies, due diligence, concessions, financing and impact assessments.

Dr. Mamuka Chikhladze

Logistics Expert

Mamuka is a transport and logistics expert and market researcher specializing in financial and legal aspects of transport services, supply chain resilience, state policy analysis, and strategic planning. He has extensive experience in data collection methodologies, market research, investigation of investment potentials and proficiency in working with ERP software.

Samgita Kemala

Project assistant

As a project assistant, Samgita is mainly responsible to assist the Project Manager and work collaboratively with the team in the overall implementation of the project. Her roles also include conducting research, collecting and recording data, and drafting reports.

Bagus Indra Setiawan

social media manager

Bagus is our communications and social media manager, responsible for our online presence. From time to time, he also supports the project team by assisting with an appropriate range of tasks to ensure smooth project implementation.

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