Public Transport Tenders Netherlands

Dutch public transport services are operated in the form of public service obligation (PSO) contracts. With a PSO contract granted by a public transport authority (there are 14 public transport authorities in the Netherlands), a public transport company has the sole right to transport passengers in a certain region or along a specific line.

There are approximately 35 public transport service contracts in the Netherlands. The public transport authorities required that starting from 2025 at least 50% of the bus fleet in the new service must be zero-emission.

For two PSO contract tenders in North-Holland North and Groningen Drenthe, Fimotions assisted Transdev Netherlands as part of its tender team in developing a Sustainability plan and a Transition plan to realize Zero Emission Public Transport. These plans describe the objectives and measures needed to reduce CO2 emissions and air pollutants per passenger kilometer, mainly by deploying zero-emission buses, the implementation phases of the bus deployment, how to guarantee a successful implementation, and mitigating measures. The plans also outline other sustainability measures, such as noise reduction and circular economy.

Transdev Netherlands is a large public transport company that has 14 public transport service contracts in the Netherlands.

North-Holland North

North-Holland North provides public bus services in the northern part of the Netherlands. It covers around 15 municipalities including Alkmaar, Den Helder, Heerhugowaard, and one of the Wadden Sea Islands, Texel. The service contract is for 10 years. In March 2016, a tender for the new service period (2018-2028) was started by the North Holland Province, the public transport authority under which the North-Holland North service contract falls. In May 2017, it was announced that the North Holland Province granted the new contract to Transdev Netherlands.

Groningen Drenthe

Groningen Drenthe is one of the biggest public transport authorisation areas covering the provinces of Groningen en Drenthe, located in the northeastern part of the country with a total population of over 1 million. It provides public bus services in 32 municipalities, and serves approximately 270 million passenger-kilometres per year. OV-bureau Groningen Drenthe (in English: Public Transport Bureau Groningen Drenthe), the public transport authority (PTA) of this public transport service, launched a new tender in December 2017 for the new period (2019 – 2029).

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