Transport Master Plan Botswana

Transport Master Plan Botswana

This project aimed at developing an Integrated Multimodal National Transport Master Plan and Greater Gaborone Transport Master Plan. The goal was to provide a clear road map for development of the transport sector. This includes the support of an overall development strategy. It means that integration between transport and other sectors, such as agriculture, tourism, trade and industry, plays a critical role.

Non-motorised Transport Strategy to alleviate poverty

Fimotions played a role in this project as a sustainable mobility specialist with a focus on non-motorised transport (NMT). We developed an NMT strategy for the Gaborone city and for Botswana. For this we took into account a very important issue in Botswana: poverty. When we discuss about NMT, we discuss about walking and cycling. In Botswana, walking has a significant share among low-income travellers. This shows that travellers are price sensitive at the lower end of the scale. They choose to walk considerable distances rather than pay for transport.

Fimotions has been developing NMT strategies for several developed countries. The goal has been always to increase the number of pedestrians and cyclists. While in these countries, the NMT infrastructure is well developed. In African countries like Botswana, the demand is already there and it is high. However, the infrastructure is very poor. Pedestrians have to share the road with motorised vehicles.

As part of the project activities, we assessed the existing NMT infrastructure and facilities. Various strategies and measures were developed in order to provide a proper NMT network. The users’ safety was a critical criterion. The ultimate goal was to improve the accessibility of the poor and to create social cohesion. If this goal can be achieved, the poor will have more opportunities such as a better access to the job market. And this will help alleviate poverty in the country.

Has your city incorporated NMT strategies in its transport master plan? If you would like to discuss this issue further, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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