GO-JEK, paratransit service for the mobility needs of Indonesian urban residents

GO-JEK was inspired by a paratransit system in Indonesia, so-called Ojek, which has existed in Indonesia for decades. In many kinds of literature, the term paratransit refers to informal public transport services that are operating without appropriate licenses or permits to provide collective ride services to the public or registration papers from public authorities. They […]

Public Transport in the Era of Shifted Demand

In the last century, providing public transport has been accepted as the government’s obligation to accommodate people’s movement. The government subsidizes public transport operations in order to keep public transportation affordable. This creates a contract between the government (as public transportation authorities) and public transport operators, which mainly includes how many public transport lines and […]

How internet technology changes urban planning concepts

I have been living in Rijswijk, a small city in the Netherlands, for almost seven years. Through these years the shopping centre in this city has been changing, or perhaps ‘degrading’ is a better word. Until five years ago, supermarkets, branded clothing shops, department stores chains, restaurants and cafés, filled all the space. Around 40% […]

Will cheap oil threaten the climate deal?

Nearly 2 months ago, a climate deal is reached in Paris, which was  translated by many experts to mark the end of fossil fuel and a full transformation to renewable energy. Looking at the current situation of the oil market, it might be too early to conclude that the fossil fuel era is coming to […]